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Monday, November 9, 2015

Congress evading war powers even with US mission in Syria

Congress evading war powers even with US mission in Syria
By Gary Donovan Snay

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My Comment:
Obama should go on national TV and announce all military operations have been suspended because he doesn't feel as though he has proper authorization from the Congress to wage war.

Force Congress to exercise the Constitutional authority granted to it by our founding fathers to declare war. This applies to both sides of the aisle. There have been far too many wars and far too many lost lives going back to Korea when the Congress first gave up its war making powers. It’s simple! Declare war or don’t.

Declare war and do the job right or get out and let others spend their national treasure and bury their children. If there is war, tax the people to pay for it. You can't put wars on a credit card. If the Congress doesn't want to tax the people, don't authorize war. Much of our national debt comes from credit card wars.

If members of Congress will not take responsibility for the votes they cast, they should resign and let responsible people take their place. The President can't be blamed if he ceases military operations because Congress won't act. There should be more than one person acting in the interests of our nation.

Every member of our government and every citizen should in our nation should be willing to own up to a decision requiring the death of many people. If war is decided, every person in America should be willing to pay for that decision with their money. If they don’t want to pay, don’t wage war.

Adhering to the Constitution by all parties concerned would be refreshing and lend strength to the idea we have the best system in the world. Failing to exercise the duties outlined in the Constitution contributes to the disillusionment many Americans have in our system.

Mr. President! Stop all military operations until the Congress does its job. Not waging war in futile efforts would be refreshing, anyway. Perhaps if more than one person decided on having a war or not having a war, better decisions would be made.
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