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Saturday, November 28, 2015

GOP eyes spending bill as leverage in refugee fight

GOP eyes spending bill as 
leverage in refugee fight
By Gary Donovan Snay
From a story located at:

My comment:
One must laugh at the GOP and all their paranoid followers. Some of the things that define a Republican is their shaky knees and notion of superiority. Republicans are afraid of their own shadows. They all think they are better than anyone else. You know what? That's paranoia.

I can't imagine how scared these Republicans would be if they had 10,000 nuclear weapons aimed at them, like back during the cold war. What a bunch of chickens. Americans were simply better and braver in those days. All Americans. Republican and Democrat. This Syrian thing? It’s nothing! Stop being such crybabies.

You people need to stop worrying about Syrians and start worrying about 30,000 gun deaths in this country every year. Worry about Republican efforts to go back to the days when 50,000 Americans died every year from lack of Health Care. Get concerned about Republican efforts to violate voting rights, pass nullification laws, violate Federal Court decisions and call for secession.

There are a lot of things going on within the Republican Party far worse than a bunch of destitute refugees trying to keep their children from getting killed. Just take a look at the radical clowns running for President of the United States on the Republican side of things. The Republican Party is far worse a threat to America than a bunch of scared refugees.

It's as though half the country has gone insane and they are huddled up in the bomb shelters built during the cold war. Now, now Republican children. Do not be afraid! Take our Democratic Party hands and we will take you to a therapist for counseling. In time, you will recover.
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