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Friday, November 27, 2015

Federal Appeals Court Finds Wisconsin Anti-Abortion Law Unconstitutional

By Gary Donovan Snay

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My Comment
This kind of ruling is driving the movement for States Rights. Not just abortion but anywhere in the country where Republicans are passing laws restricting Civil Liberties guaranteed by Law. Threats of secession are coming exclusively from the Republican Party. This movement is endorsed by the Republican National Committee through their silence.
All the Republican candidates for President will claim the Federal Courts have no jurisdiction even though they most certainly do. Nullification Laws and threats of secession accompanied by the wide spread passage of laws in any state controlled by Republicans, is an announcement of Republican hatred for our Founding Fathers, our legal system and our nation.
PAY ATTENTION! A war is going on threatening the United States of America. A large army hiding behind Free Speech and Freedom of Religion has been waging a one sided war against America for well over twenty years. This Army has been waging a one sided war. Periodically our Federal Court system fires a few volleys to stem the assault. However, our Federal Court system is under attack as Republicans devise ways to nullify the Federal Courts powers.

Yes, there are terrorist threats. However, the greatest threat is from within. Millions of people are longing for the day when they can bring this nation down by altering its character. You won't like the results they seek.
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