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Monday, November 16, 2015

Don't Listen to Republicans They Will Kill Your Children

Obama: Attacks 'terrible' setback in Islamic State campaign

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My Comment:
      I would have to agree with the President. Unless the American people are willing to support a permanent military presence in terms of ground troops, national treasure and lives, we should not repeat the errors of the previous administration.

      Overwhelmingly, the American people don't want to put combat troops into that area of the world. With the Paris attacks tempting Americans to insert troops into combat, bolstering a false
sense of bravado, the enthusiasm for more war would soon subside as body bags started coming home.

      President Obama is correct to not leave a ground war for the next President to deal with. On top of that, the Political Party bragging the most and being the most belligerent has prevented any new authorization for combat. It appears they only want to blame the President for events they are responsible for and not put themselves on the line authorizing war.

      President Obama is in a Constitutional no-man’s paradox. Wage war against ISIS without authorization and take constant criticism or stop all combat operations because of a do nothing Congress. In any event, all Republicans want to do is blame Obama.

      All we know for sure is that we cannot listen to the Republicans because they have been so wrong on foreign policy in the recent past. The entire mess in Syria and with ISIS is entirely the fault of wrongheaded Republicans and George W. Bush. The lies they told, leading up to Iraq, even convinced Democrats to vote for that war.

      The same Republicans who lied us into a war in the recent past are at it again. They won't take responsibility for the gross mistakes they falsely convinced America to take. They won't take responsibility for the wasted lives America lost pursuing a false policy that was destined from the beginning to fail.

      All they want to do is not authorize further combat operations. They don't want to tax the American people to fight another war. They just pretend how wise and tough they are when it has become obvious they don't know what they are talking about.
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