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Monday, November 23, 2015

A body at rest: Congress planning a light schedule for next year

A body at rest: Congress planning
a light schedule for next year

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My comment:
I firmly believe if the Democrats were in control of the Congress there would be a lot more work getting done. Don't get me wrong, the Democrats need to clean out their useless members as well. It's just the job isn't so big with Democrats.

If the Congress is not working very much and refusing to do the business of the nation, there is only one
real answer. The Republicans are running the show, they are in control and whatever goes on because the Congress is 100% owned by them. The Republicans are setting the legislative agenda and if people get the idea Congress is not doing its job, point your finger at the Republicans.

No one should be surprised though. At the core foundation of the Republican Party is a deep rooted hatred of our Federal Government. Frankly speaking, Republicans want to eliminate the Federal Government except for their profit making defense industry. Profit for private corporations, not for the government. Corporations contribute to their campaigns; government wants to limit those contributions.

If nobody is doing the business of the nation, it's because the controlling party in Washington doesn't believe in government. The controlling Republican Party wants to eliminate as much government as they can.

Ghosts of the old Confederacy have taken control of Republicans and there is a strong movement to create 50 independent nations, independent of a central government. If Republicans had it their way, each state would be allowed to define how the Bill of Rights are defined. There won’t be any more homosexual marriages, for example.

So, when you hear the House of Representatives planning on only 111 days of work for 2016 there is a good reason this happening. Republicans control the House, they hate government and they want government to fail. It's simple Dorothy, really simple.

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