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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The World Should Fear a Paranoid America

The World Should Fear a Paranoid America
By Gary Donovan Snay

The symptoms of paranoia are when someone suffers from persecution complexes and also has delusions of grandeur. Ben Carson displays both these traits to the extreme. I’m not saying Ben Carson is a clinically Paranoid individual. He is a Social Paranoid as explained below.
Americas favorite Uncle Tom
When you think about it, isn't Social Paranoia a common factor among many Americans today? Have you ever wondered why it's so hard talking to people like Ben Carson? It's because Social Paranoia is one of the most difficult mental disorders to cure.
When talking to someone who has delusions of grandeur, nothing you say will impact them. When pointing out their facts are wrong, they immediately accuse you of persecuting them. We have all experienced that moment, when in the course of a conversation, you state irrefutable evidence and the person’s response is to call you a liberal. They cut off the conversation by saying you hate America or you’re not a believer. For all intent and purpose, the conversation is over.
It's really called Social Paranoia. Germany had a bad case of Social Paranoia after WWI. When persecution complexes combined with the belief in their superiority, the Nazi movement grew
Don't empower this guy
into the nightmare we know occurred in those years. Social paranoia was not the exclusive domain of the Nazi’s in Germany but infected the entire German nation.
In the course of a few years, the Germany went insane. In America, the signs of insanity become stronger and stronger each day. During the Bush/Kerry election, signs of insanity was exposed to its fullest. Many people in America and Europe couldn’t believe what they had witnessed.
By the time the Bush/Kerry election had arrived the nation knew there was something wrong with George W. Bush. It became well known that he lied America into an unnecessary war killing at least 200,000 innocent people. He authorized kidnapping, rendering and death by torture violating every rule of law both internationally and nationally. He authorized mass surveillance of the American people without warrant, violating US law.
There was massive evidence of war crimes being committed in both Afghanistan and Iraq.
Exploiter of fear
Yet the American people gave George W. Bush a second term supporting his lawless behavior. With the American people’s support, war crimes continued and Europe gasped. What happened to America? The German people supported Adolf Hitler and America supported George W. Bush. Yes, it is the same Social Paranoia at work.
The American version of Social Paranoia has a different personality. Social Paranoia in America is taking a different course, hopefully. Nevertheless. people like Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee are able to stir up the same emotions German leaders once exploited.
Like Germany, American Social Paranoia is driven by religion. The Donald Trump movement is driven by Social Paranoia as well but the religious component is not as apparent. Nevertheless, much of Donald Trump’s support emanates from Fundamentalist Christians and their paranoid cohorts owning guns.
Super paranoid
There is one notable exception. The gun movement isn’t an entirely religious crusade. However, much of the gun movement is in alliance with religion. Some of the most strident philosophies regarding guns are held by church going Americans. The symptoms of Social Paranoia are the same though. There is no evidence anyone is trying to disarm America yet a very strong persecution complex exists. When someone carries an assault weapon into Taco Bell, ignoring other people’s feelings, a strong notion of superiority is being exhibited. This is Social Paranoia. It’s not clinical, it’s social.
Social paranoia is growing in America and like Germany, it has a religious overtone.  It is never spoken by most because it is not politically correct but there is a simple truth about WWII Germany. Germany was 90% Catholic in those days. Catholics operated the death camps. Catholics murdered millions in Russia. WWII was a Catholic war supported by nearly all Germans in that historical era.
Today we have a religious movement in America driving our own version of Social Paranoia
Would have done well in Germany
. Make no mistake, our version can grow to be just as dangerous as Germany's version. It is not uncommon to see delusions of grandeur practiced by elements of the American people with respect to civil liberties, a disregard for other religions, disrespect for women and a loathing of people with brown or black skin. Accusations of persecution proliferate among millions of Americans when confronted with the error of their thinking.
Racism drove Germany into insanity and racism towards our President has exposed American recklessness by large portions of our society. It’s exactly the same thing, just a different time and a different boogie man. American paranoia makes excuses for war crimes, lawlessness and even suggests it’s alright to settle the Muslim problem with the use of nuclear weapons and the genocide of an entire race of people. That’s right! Large sections of the American people see nothing wrong with committing genocide.
Germany saw nothing wrong with their version of genocide either. America is just one election and one more terror attack away from committing genocide on an entire religion. Americas paranoid sector is actively fantasizing about this solution right now as I type these words. This should be no surprise to anyone.
An example of what could happen to all of us
The American people practiced genocide against the American Indians and it black population all with religious participation. All those crimes were committed because of a sense of superiority and a persecution fear of interracial mingling. Social paranoia ran rampant in those days.
America fire bombed many Japanese cities killing hundreds of thousands of civilians and of course America incinerated two Japanese cities with its new toy, the Atomic bomb.  In those days there was a very strong sense of superiority over the Japanese people and when we incarcerated Japanese Americans out of our fear of persecution, social paranoia ran wild within American circles. To this day people defend America’s paranoia.
Many leaders in the Republican Party exploit Social Paranoia in America. They use it to gain political advantage. Just the other day the people of Houston voted to rescind civil rights protections for tax paying American Citizens.
Those election results were accomplished by a growing power grab by Socially Paranoid
Exploiter of paranoia and superiority
Christians. Christian paranoids loaded up their church buses and voted in mass while Democrats sat on their duff and did nothing. Germany was taken over in a similar manner. It only gets worse in the future.
Many legislative bodies in America routinely vote to deny American citizens the right to vote. These same legislative bodies do everything in their power to deny women health care and their right to choose what they do with their own bodies. The same paranoia driving crimes against Indians, blacks and Japanese is alive and well in America. The delusion of superiority elects war criminals, denies civil liberties and ponders genocide.
A Dominionist

Ben Carson is not alone. There are millions of Socially Paranoid Americans just like him. Ben Carson and any Uncle Tom willing to betray his own race for political gain will be a temporary hero to the paranoid among us. While it may be cute for a little while, Ben Carson will never be President. In order to completely satisfy the Socially Paranoid population of America a white man will have to carry the day. In America, paranoia is the exclusive property of white people.  
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