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Friday, October 30, 2015

US to deploy small number of special forces to Syria in advisory role

US to deploy small number of special forces
to Syria in advisory role
By Gary Donovan Snay

From a story located at:

My Comment:

Now we get to hear news stories of American soldiers coming home in body bags, again. Special forces people are really good but they are not immune to a bullet. Chances are good one of the so called good guys will murder them.

Weapons will fall into the hands of the bad guys because nobody can figure out the mess in Syria. They have spent a few billion dollars on that lost cause with no effect. It doesn't matter who is in office. The same mistakes are made regardless of party affiliation. Look at the mass murder committed by Bush.

They should spend our billions on the most comprehensive embargo in the history of mankind. Destroy all their aircraft. Destroy any vehicle going in or out of Syria. Don't even let food go into the country. If Russia doesn't like it, too bad. When they run out of bullets and food, they will stop.

What we don't need is a mother and father looking at a picture of their dead son hanging on the wall and wondering why he had to die. There are already enough pictures like that hanging on walls all over the country because of useless wars like Viet Nam, Iraq and Afghanistan. The Syrians are not worth anymore American lives.
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