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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Is America on the wrong track?

Paul Ryan is just another Republican liar
By Gary Donovan Snay

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My Comment:

These Republicans keep talking as though the country's about to fall apart. This country has done quite well under Obama. We are at or near full recovery. That’s an amazing statement after
what the Republicans did to us in the last administration. I was reading somewhere that if we continue on our current path we will have a balanced budget in two years.
Don’t think for a moment Republicans lent a hand in the recovery either. Starting from day one Republicans announced they would oppose anything President Obama attempted. Republicans have been obstructionists from the very beginning and get no credit for a job well done by Obama.
When Ryan says we are on the wrong path I can't help but wonder what he is talking about. Using the last administration as an example, are we supposed to go back to the days of Bush Jr.? There is a lot of evidence indicating if people bad mouth the economy enough, it will become a self-fulfilling reality.
What do Republicans want anyway? Is the Republican strategy of bad mouthing American economic success, designed to destroy our economy for political reasons? Is that their real intent? Telling everyone how bad things are when our nation has outperformed every other nation in the world borders on the bazar. Centering an entire campaign strategy on how many lies they can tell is very typical of the Republican Party as well.
After their performance in the last administration, I don't believe Republicans know anything about our economy.  Republicans have been wrong on the economy and wrong about war. A political party demonstrating such wrongheaded decisions should never be listened to again. It should be a no brainer. However, Republican hatred for Democrats far outweighs any common sense.

Republicans just need to shut up! They were wrong back then and they are wrong now.
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