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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Wake Up! President Obama Didn't Lie!

Obama Is Not The Villain. 

The following is a response to a very intelligent woman who commented on a previous blog I had written. She wanted to make the point that being overly zealous for one party or one man is not good and I should look at Republicans as well. Here’s my response.

I'm a lot like you. I would support a Republican if one can be found. There isn't a single Republican that comes even close to the values I hold true today. Let me clarify. No Republican leader is worth looking at for the moment. I have probably voted equally for both parties through my life.

The latest media darling is Chris Christie. What has he done? He hugged Obama and that's it. Look closely at what he's supports and it turns out he's the same old austerity, gun toting, hate the government conservative all the others are. He has completely mismanaged the hurricane relief effort in New Jersey.
Christie is not our knight in shining armor.

The difficulty with Obama's insurance statement is that he was referring to the majority of people (85%) with insurance which met the new standards of the ACA. If those people are dumb enough to keep their existing policies, then so be it. However, over time, many would switch to the new exchanges for price alone. Not to mention better coverage.

Obama is guilty of not making clear to a bunch of uninformed people, their junk insurance policies would have to be replaced. If they stayed with their current carrier, they would have to pay more in order to meet the new standards. Or, they could go on the exchanges and get a better deal.

Less than 5% of people covered by insurance are affected and that's because they were sold junk policies which can't measure up to the new ACA standards. In many ways, holders of junk policies are not covered.
They won’t find out how bad their policy is until they need it.

There's a story yesterday about how the insurance companies are miffed by the Obama administration when they were alerting everyone two years ago that those junk policies would have to be cancelled and new policies issued, at higher cost, in order to meet the new standards. They were alerting the public. Remember?

Letters were sent to their policyholders. Stories in the news covered the subject. Remember? I do. The remedy (two years ago) for holders of junk insurance policies would be to go on the exchanges, get a better policy for less money and be better off.

All this stuff about cancelled policies is old news and everyone concerned was notified and alerted. I'm pretty stupid and I knew what was coming. People with junk policies are being disingenuous if they cry now. They knew. Shut up and get a better deal. Quit trying to blame Obama for your ignorance.

Many people have become victims of Republican propaganda. Republicans are blindly going against a health
policy they once supported just to be against it. Republican obstructionism will harm millions of Americans and they don't care. Their party universally supports harming our country and opposes someone who is doing nothing more than trying to help the country. Obama is the enemy? Wrong target!

If a Republican will stand up and tell the truth, I would be very interested in that person. There are none to be found. Until then, I will support Democrats to the fullest. They are the only party in this country trying to help people. The other party is actively trying to hurt people.
This is a no brainer people. Digressing to the old health care policies would be a disaster for millions of Americans. All I can say to Republicans is, “quiet down, pitch in and help the country. Stop trying to hurt everyone including yourself. What are you, a bunch of masochists?”
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