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Thursday, November 14, 2013

President Obama Looks Tired

The role of President is taking its toll
I Bet He'll
Be Glad When
It's Over

Remember the young man who took office in 2008? He was so full of energy. Filled with hope for our country, sparks seemed to fly off the man. His beautiful wife and children, and the Man, proved to the world how great America is. All Americans exulted in the historical moment President Obama's election meant for the country and for the world. I don't know about all of you but for the first time in a long time my chest stuck out and I raised my head to the heavens thankful for the moment. God Bless America.

George W. Bush took a lot out of me. More than Bush, the Republicans made me become defensive and ashamed for our nation. Who would ever have thought the most beloved, revered and respected nation in the world would invade another country, kill half a million innocent people for nothing, and then brag about it. 

It was mind staggering to ponder my beloved country had become the biggest violator of the Geneva Conventions in the world. Day after day stories and pictures appeared before me of tortured prisoners and murdered civilians. Fellow Americans were torturing people to death!

When I protested, Republicans accused me of being unpatriotic. Republicans made excuses for torture. I was ashamed of our nation and of the Republican Party. They dragged all Americans into the dirt. The Republicans besmirched all Americans.

When it became evident our Vice President and his buddies were getting rich from the phony war and profiteering from death and mayhem I cried out, and Republicans said I didn't love my country. When I said the war would cause massive debt because it was put on a credit card for future children to pay, the Republicans passed more tax cuts and exploded the debt even more.

The Republican Party uniformly demanded, "don't worry, we promise, everything will be alright". They said they knew what they were doing.

By the time President Obama had been elected it had become apparent the Republicans didn't have a clue what they were doing. Still, in the Presidential Campaign of 2012, Republicans tried to tell us we need to follow them once again. Millions of Americans voted to put Republicans back in power despite all the lessons learned from the Bush years. Voting against their own best interests. So disgraceful. 

Fight to the end. We are right!
Looking at the picture above its apparent President Obama has been worn to a frazil. The office has taken a lot out of him.

Mr. President, please remember your cause has been noticed. We still believe in you. Though it will damage your health and your sanity dealing with Republicans, keep up the fight. Your sacrifice will always be remembered. Your time in history will always be revered.

Your cause, our cause is righteous and in the spirit of the great American dream. With the ACA you have improved the lives of millions of Americans in stark contrast to the previous administration. Your efforts have contributed to the common good despite Republican efforts damage our country. God bless you and keep up the good work. We are with you 'till the end.

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