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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

No Such Thing As States Rights! Sedition and Insurrection In The Air!

If a state nullifies Federal Law or secedes from the Union, would President Obama or Hillary Clinton be strong enough to save the Union as Abraham Lincoln did? 

I'm not sure about those two. However, I think Elizabeth Warren has the guts. Elizabeth is looking good right now.Ted Cruz would let a state secede because he's no Lincoln.

I've always maintained there’s no such thing as States Rights. At any given time the Federal
Government can pass a law and under the "Supremacy Clause" Federal Law overrides State Law at all times. Anyone casting a vote in a state legislative body endeavoring to nullify Federal Law is committing an act of sedition and should be removed from office.

The belief, States Rights include the capability of a state to nullify Federal Law or even secede from the Union, is nonsense and doesn't exist in our Constitution. Nor has the Supreme Court ever acknowledged the right of a state to embark on any course nullifying Federal Law or seceding from the Union.

In this day and age it’s important all civil liberties are enforced in a uniform manner across our

nation. Can you imagine the complications if individual states defined what "Freedom of Speech" means? All of our Civil Liberties should be protected equally from one corner of the America to the next. States can’t be allowed to interpret what Civil Liberties are within its borders.

The uniform application of Federal law is equally important for our Penumbra (shadow) rights. Choice, Privacy and Association fall into this category. Those words (Choice, Privacy and Association) do not appear in the written Constitution, yet we all consider our choices to be private and who we associate with being our business and not the governments. There are exceptions of course but for the most part we hold these Penumbra (shadow) rights to be sacred.

I maintain these three Penumbra's cover Gay Rights, Health Care and Abortion. States cannot be allowed to individually interpret what these rights are. States are not allowed to interpret our Bill of Rights or any other Amendment to the Constitution. Individuals moving from state to state have a reasonable expectation their Civil Liberties will be applied equally no matter what state they live in.

Once a Federal Law has been enacted, states cannot interpret Federal Law and apply the Law

differently from one state to another. States can’t nullify Federal Law at any time. States can’t deny the protections afforded its citizens granted by the Federal Government (Equal Protection Clause). States can’t selectively deny Civil Liberties to its citizens when those same Civil Liberties are granted to other residents in other states because of Federal Law.

Furthermore, any State Legislative body voting to nullify Federal Law which diminishes the rights of its citizens, protected under Federal Law, is an act of sedition. This includes individuals, regardless of Party. This, from the Sedition Act. It is also in the “Equal Protection” clause of the 14th Amendment.

All elected officials take the "Oath of Allegiance" and they are obligated to defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic which includes adhering too and protecting the "Supremacy Clause". Breaking the “Oath of Allegiance” is grounds for removing the elected official from office under the 14th Amendment, Paragraph Three.

Any elected official having taken the "Oath of Allegiance” who openly encourages nullifying Federal Law is Inciting Insurrection and is an enemy of the state. Any elected official casting an affirmative vote to nullify Federal Law has broken their “Oath of Allegiance” to defend the Constitution of the United States. They should be removed from office by force if necessary. Rick Perry, Ron Paul, Ted Cruz, etc., etc., listen up!

The Supremacy Clause eliminates States Rights at every turn in our national history. In this day and age, the uniform integrity of the United States is paramount not only for the continued existence of this nation but for the stability of the world.

Individual states can’t spin off and become their own nations with their own laws. States cannot interpret Federal Law and violate the Civil Liberties of residents residing within their state borders. Again, the "Equal Protection Clause".

Modern day Confederates can't be allowed to destroy the integrity of our nation. Prior to our Civil War, Abraham Lincoln didn’t have the tools we have today to stop the catastrophe which engulfed America long ago. Today, the tools are in place. Only question is, does anyone have the guts to stop these new age Confederate Traitors?
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