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Monday, November 11, 2013

Jesus Is Not Lord (or is He?)

Jesus Not Lord?
Here you go. If you want to crank people up, talk religion. 

A relatively new Christian faith has risen up in the United States. This religious belief has grown in strength through the years and coincides with the growth of Fundamentalist Christian thought in America. This new religion is made up of many different churches but on the whole, they think Jesus is Lord.

Our nation has periodically experienced Fundamentalism in the past. It gains strength for a while then recedes for a few years only to raise its head again. Other religions experience these attacks as well, so fundamentalist thought is not restricted to Christians.

Currently the Muslim faith is experiencing a resurgence of fundamentalism and it coincides with the rise of Christian Fundamentalism. Historically this combination has always proven deadly. Recent world events has proven this true.

As America was founded and then expanded Westward, Fundamentalist Christians ruled the land. The Church of England was extremely fundamentalist in their thoughts and they drove many people out of Europe for religious reasons. Many of our colonists were persecuted by Fundamentalists in Europe and so they fled to our shores.

The trouble was, in Europe there was a huge battle between fundamentalists in those days. The colonists arriving on our shores were not enlightened liberal minded Christians. They brought with them their fervent belief in Christian Superiority. Many centuries of depicting Jesus in their art as being a blond haired, blue eyed white guy also contributed to their notions of racial superiority.

We see evidence of this Christian Superiority concept with the genocide of Indian Nations across America. The only good Indian was a dead Indian. Blacks weren't considered full human beings even by our enlightened founding fathers when they wrote the Constitution.

Clearly America had a Christian Superiority complex in the old days. There's plenty of evidence to indicate these notions still exist. Dominion Christianity is the new threat. Witness Ted Cruz. That's another op ed for later.


Nevertheless, is Jesus Lord? I don't pretend to be some religious scholar but there is enough history on this subject to make one question whether Jesus is Lord or not.

We know that the majority of Christians prior to 328 AD in Europe emphasized Jesus was a prophet. He spoke God's words but he wasn't Lord. We also know that of the twelve Apostles only Paul thought Jesus was God (Lord). The other eleven didn't. Nothing is wrong with thinking Jesus was a prophet. After all, speaking God's word is no small matter.

We also know that Constantinople was the center of the Christian world at that time. The Ecumenical Council of 328 AD in Constantinople declared the Trinity as the new Christian law and from then on that's how Christians have thought. You know, Father, Son and the Holy Ghost. The beliefs of the Apostle Paul overcame 328 years of Christian Doctrine and the beliefs of the other eleven Apostles. Paulism, Jesus is Lord, became the new belief.

More Food For Thought
Don't you love it?

If you believe the Bible, you know that Jesus gave us the Lord’s Prayer. He told us we are to say that prayer every day. The prayer starts off with "Our Father who art in Heaven". The prayer does not tell us to pray to Jesus. Jesus was on Earth when he gave us the prayer. The Father is in Heaven. Two distinctly different entities. The prayer then ends with the words, Amen. Not in Jesus name, but simply Amen. As in Amen to our heavenly Father.

A little later on Jesus is on the Cross. He yells out, "Father, why hast thou forsaken me"? He wasn't talking to himself. Just before he dies he say, "Father forgive them, they know not what they do". Again, he was talking to someone else beside himself.

Yea, yea, yea! I can just hear the attacks coming now. What does he know? Does he have documentation? Is he qualified to say these things? Why is he attacking our religion? Good grief, I can just hear it now.

Get a load of this! Some believe that a false religion will rise up in the end times. Others say that after Satan was cast from Heaven and condemned to rule Hell, Satan's singular goal was to get mankind to worship a false God. Let’s see now. Jesus is a false God and perhaps we are in the end times. Quid pro quo! In America, Christian Fundamentalists are the false religion ruled by Satan. No wonder those Christians are raising so much hell.

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