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Thursday, October 23, 2014

When will people stop being primitive?

Comments made in a response to an article about US Warplanes killing lots of people and the postings by the majority of people commenting on this story.
Here’s the link to the story

Limited engagement, kill 'em all, bring in the Apaches, name calling, belligerence, boasting. It's a good thing the people commenting today aren't running our foreign policy. Rick Smith pretty much has it right. He's the only person I have read who shows any empathy whatsoever. You know. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you".

It's as though everyone is a mentally retarded child unable to learn from experience. Has anyone concluded you can't solve the problems of a primitive people with bombs? Our bridges are falling apart and nitwits want to spend billions killing people and making more enemies for our children to deal with in the future.  

If we spent our time and fortune isolating that area and not allow a single weapon to enter the theater we would all be better off. After they run out of bullets, send them a large shipment of swords and let them go after each other. Maybe, in time, those people will come out of the dark ages. It would hurt our military industrial complex but maybe it's time we stopped being the world’s largest exporter of weapons.

What are we doing, bombing people half way around the world? Haven't we learned yet, that bombing cures nothing? How much longer do we have to satisfy the lust for blood and gore by certain elements in our society? Yes, there are primitive Americans as well. We just have to stop listening to them.
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