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Friday, October 24, 2014

Court Fight Over Releasing New Torture Photos

We broke International Law. We violated treaties, which were the law of our land. We kidnapped people and tortured them to death. We invaded a country for false reasons and killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people. We willingly killed over 5,000 American troops for nothing. Many Republicans cheered.

Yet we have millions of people in or country making justifications and saying war crimes committed by us is excusable. In fact, crimes against humanity is now acceptable by many Republicans in America. Break more laws and murder more people for nothing. This seems to be the popular argument by many (mainly Republicans) now.

In truth, the real crime is not the photographs themselves but the act of perpetrating torture. Individuals performing torture on any singular human, for any reason, is a criminal act under our law and International law. In modern times, torture is a crime, no matter the reason. There are no excuses.

Releasing new photographs of people tortured by other Americans may identify those sick perpetrators of a despicable act and warrant criminal prosecution. Hiding the disclosure of a criminal act is more than likely an attempt to defend criminals within our government. Releasing photographs only sheds light on the truth. Not releasing these photographs only makes the crimes they represent more egregious.

People who tie up other people and torture them are cowards at the very least. It does not take a brave person to torture a helpless and defenseless individual. Torture requires a mentality contrary to human nature and those capable of torturing others should be isolated from the rest of society. Preferably, thrown in jail.

The same principal applies to those who order torture. Ordering others to torment humans while not having the guts to perform the act themselves is a special version of cowardice and a more demonic crime. Those ordering torture, should suffer more punishment than those following orders and carrying out the suffering of helpless human beings. People in power should know better.

Millions of Americans supporting cruelty share the guilt and should pay a price. Republicans should shut up and sit down. Until they get over their sick mentality, they should never enjoy the reins of power again. People believing in torture are incapable of making good decisions. People with this level of sickness are not to be trusted.

Our war crimes are not the real story. The real story, is the support millions of Americans provided in the past and continue to support today, for more war crimes in the future. The American government is a reflection of its people and the people are sick. Thus, we have a sick government.

Enjoy your sick government. Many Republicans made it that way. The mentality of millions of American Republicans with twisted views is a clear and present danger to humankind. This threat is especially true given the probability that a criminal and sick element within American Society is poised to take over the world’s largest nuclear arsenal.

People who have accepted torture as a normal occurrence are capable of anything. The world is in danger. It shall remain in danger as long as millions fail to admit their sickness.
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