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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Destruction of Public Education by Republicans

In Mississippi, lawmakers gave large tax breaks to businesses and wealthy individuals perpetuating the false belief that Supply Side Economics works. Simultaneously, they have failed to fund Public Education. As long as Mississippi remains in the control of Republicans, the state will remain last in the nation for publicly funded education.

Welcome to a preview of things to come as the Republicans take more and more control of government. It's a mystery why average people vote for Republicans when Republicans harm them the most. Tax breaks for the privileged few and businesses in Mississippi didn't create any jobs. Poverty and unemployment in Mississippi is still the highest in the nation.
Tax breaks for wealthy individuals and businesses
in Mississippi damaged education in the state
and provided more wealth for selfish elite white people.

Keep in mind, in Mississippi, the affluent white population send their kids to tax supported Christian Schools so their racist children won’t have to associate with brown and black kids. Republican tendencies, around the country, to siphon money from public education in the form of individual tax credits for private church schools is the funding problem, for public schools, in many states. Mississippi has been particularly hard hit.

You can thank the Republican Party for this horrendous situation in Mississippi and get ready for more shenanigans on a national level now that these Republicans have taken over the entire Congress. Throw in a Republican President and you won't recognize America anymore. Republicans have not always been this way, but in their current form, they are an enemy of the American dream. 
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